Mt. Yale - Summit Patch

Mount Yale was first climbed by a research team from Harvard University led by Josiah Whitney (American geologist). The group named the taller Mount Harvard (14,420 ft) after their own university and the shorter Mount Yale after Whitney's alma mater. Due to the similarity in heights of Mount Princeton and Mount Yale (Princeton is one foot (0.30 m) higher), it was once a tradition for the alumni of each school to carry rocks to the top of their respective mountain in order to add to the stone pyramid built at the summit. The graduates used these rock towers to ensure their mountain was the tallest.

- “Celebrate Your Summits!”

Product Specs

Sticker: 4 mil White Vinyl Indoor / Outdoor Sticker
Magnet: 30 mil Indoor Magnet w/ Full Color Print
Patch: 100% Embroidered Patch w/ Iron on backing

Type: Chevron

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