Denali a Starting Point

We've made many friends this summer at Peak Patch who have helped us along the way. One of those is Bill Szabo (@bill_the gearguy Twitter), he are his words on "Celebrating the Summit" and what it means to him.

Growing up I've been blessed to have a family that is very outdoorsy and believed vacations should be visiting our wonderful National Parks. I therefore had the opportunity to visit some wonderful parks like The Grand Tetons and also to visit the Rockies. Now I will admit the Rockies are beautiful and I'm looking forward to climbing a couple 14'ers in the near future as well as going back out to the Tetons, but those aren't my favorite peak(s). As a child I had the privilege to live in Alaska for eight years and camped an awful lot at Denali National Park. Mt. McKinley as it is known to many but to more it is referred to as just Denali. To answer the question of if I have climbed it, no I haven't. I have camped there many times and my fondest memory of that mountain is when we were camping near it. I had set up my tent with the opening facing the mountain even though it was covered in clouds as it usually is. When I woke up and unzipped the front of my tent all I saw was the lake in front of me and Denali with no clouds around it yet. The sight alone took my breath away and re-affirmed that spending as much time as I could enjoying all that Mother Nature has afforded us.
Enjoy the outdoors and take a kid with you, they will remember that more than watching tv!

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Fritz Oettinger
Fritz Oettinger


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